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Welcome to the Lindybaby New Move of the Week Web Version. A new move of varying difficulty from Lindy Hop, Balboa, and 1920's Collegiate Shag will be posted every Sunday. We will include short multiple-angle video clips of the move being danced, with other clips as needed to show setups or how to break down the move. Our goal is to spread our energy and excitement for the dance by providing dancers of all levels some new vocabulary with which to experiment. These clips should not of course replace classes and private lessons where technique is the focus!

The HIGH RESOLUTION (much nicer videos that can be played on ANY media player) are unfortunately too large to put online, but can be purchased for a nominal fee (click MANY MANY MOVES above for more info). If you look there, you can see samples of what the high resolution videos look like. Don't forget, the money from sales of these CD-ROMs helps pay for this website and the equipment to continue providing the new move of the week for free!

If you like this concept, we'd of course love it if you promote it within your dance community. We assure you we'll never be sneaky and convert it to a pay-per-move system. Please feel free to download our flyer or our banners and distribute them at will!

Other people are starting to do similar things. Programmer Jon Bott and his wife, modern dancer Sharon Bott, have compiled a bunch of moves (Lindy and other dances) and stream them at Also, if you like West Coast Swing or Hustle or other dances, Barry Durand runs a cool site too called which is worth checking out.

DISCLAIMER: Some of these moves presented on this site can be difficult or dangerous. We will not be responsible for injuries which occur, and we certainly know of dancers who have sustained serious injuries while learning and practicing new material. Know your own limitations. Some of the moves included may not be appropriate for all dancers and all partnerships! These online teaching videos are intended as a review of moves only, so seek instruction in your area when trying moves that are new to you. Before you practice dance, always warm up and stretch carefully. If you are unsure of your physical abilities, consult a doctor before trying any of this material.

Please email us if you have any problems viewing the videos or if you have any feedback or just to say hello. Enjoy!!

These files are (c) 1999-2018 Dorry Segev and are for viewing ONLY.
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